Welcome to the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA). SUPRA is an independent representative association providing advice, advocacy and support services to the postgraduate students at the University of Sydney. We represent the interests of all postgraduates, giving postgraduate students a voice both within the University and in the wider community.

SUPRA Supports Marriage Equality

SUPRA unequivocally supports voting yes in the upcoming Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey. As an organisation committed to equality and equal rights for all, we believe that it is crucial that Australia allows LGBTQIA+ Australians to marry. SUPRA is committed to a positive, inclusive, and progressive future, and that is one where marriage equality exists for all. We also find it important to note that marriage equality under the law doesn’t just allow gay and lesbian couples to marry, but that it will allow trans and gender diverse people, who are often unable to marry due to complexities of their identification documents, or who are forced to get divorced in order to update their birth certificates in line with their gender identity, to celebrate their relationships under the law.
Marriage equality is a human right, and SUPRA supports that right.

Do You Need Help?

Have you been accused of plagiarism? Need help with an appeal? Having trouble with your supervisor? Needing help getting your bond back?

SUPRA provides a professional and confidential advice and advocacy service that is independent of the University. Our Advocates are professional staff with multidisciplinary backgrounds, who have experience dealing with the University, as well as the range of non-academic problems that can affect postgraduate students.

We also have a full-time solicitor from Redfern Legal Centre who can provide free advice, representation in court, and a referral service.

Contact SUPRA now to find out if we can help you.
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