SUPRA Council


SUPRA is governed by a Council of democratically elected members. This Council is responsible for all aspects of the governance of SUPRA and for carrying out the work of its representation. Council term is held from the 1st day of July to the 30th day of June. Being on Council is a great way to get involved and make a difference to the life of postgraduate students at the University of Sydney.

Council meets at least once a month and considers all the matters of governance relevant to the organisation. Members who are not Councillors are invited to observe and participate in Council, though they will not have voting rights. Council is run according to formal meeting procedures as outlined in our Standing Orders. These are designed to facilitate discussion.

The Council consists of  33 Councillors. Of these, 27 are elected through the General Election (General Councillors) and 6 are autonomously elected through the Equity Elections (Equity Officers). Council reserves 12 positions for students identifying as women, 6 positions for international students, 6 positions for coursework students, 6 positions for research students, and 3 positions for students located at Campuses other than Camperdown/Darlington.


SUPRA Executive

Co-Presidents: Yanning Bai & Minran Liu
Vice President: Azhar Saeed
Co-Secretaries: Domi Dana Johnson & Mucong Li
Co-Education Officers: Xiner Yuan & Shiyu Bao
Co-Treasurers: Chenghan Li & Yunhe Wang
Co-Directors of Student Publications: Luhua Li & Huan Zheng

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General Councillors

The current General Councillors are:

  • Yuhang Xia
  • Cui Li 
  • Xuning Feng
  • Ruolei Wang
  • Chang Wang
  • Zirui Liu
  • Yi Ling
  • Xue Peng
  • Luhua Li
  • Zhuoyuan Xie
  • Jinwei Xie
  • Bing Wei
  • David Yinan Wang
  • Zikui Gao
  • Xinheng Wu
  • Weihong Liang
  • Di Wang
  • Bec Johnson
  • Sayan Mitra


Equity Officers

The current Equity Officers (until 30th June 2020) are:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer — (currently vacant)
International Student Officer — Yanning Bai
Queer Officer — Sid Littlewood
Disabilities Officer — Margueritte Biasatti
Women’s Officer — Sara Evison-Rose
Satellite Campus Officer — Karishma Rajan Menon

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