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Nominations for 2019 Supervisor of the Year Awards are now open


Is your supervisor one-of-a-kind? The SUPRA Supervisor of the Year Awards, a uniquely student-driven award recognising outstanding research supervision, is back for 2019.

“My relationship with my supervisor is collegial, I am made to feel like a colleague contributing to an interesting discussion during my supervision rather than being ‘supervised’. This is a respectful approach in action and I appreciate it enormously.”
(From a past SOTY nomination)

If you have an excellent supervisor supporting you with your Research Masters of PhD, get them the recognition they deserve!

Nomination forms are here.


Winners of 2018 Supervisor Of The Year Awards


On Thursday 1 November the SUPRA Supervisor of the Year Awards finalists and winners were presented with their certificates and awards by the Chair of the Academic Board Associate Professor Tony Masters. The awards night was attended by over 130 nominees and their students and was held once again at The Courtyard Restaurant on main campus.

SUPRA is very proud of the awards which we know are valued by both masters research and doctorate students, and we believe are treasured by research supervisors at USyd. As Tony Masters said in his introduction, ‘The awards are by students which means they are from the heart’.

“Thank you and the SUPRA committee for organising such a great night of fun and the opportunity to catch up with colleagues from all faculties! “Henry Leung, Business School

“Just wanted to say thank you for a lovely night – I was really thrilled to be nominated, but floored (in a good way) to be a winner. The certificate is going on the wall!”Angela Webster, Medicine and Health.

Congratulations to our finalists and winners.


Architecture Design & Planning


  • Lian Loke (nominated by Karen Cochrane and Louis Chew)
  • Cara Wrigley (nominated by Jessica Lea Dunn, Keun Hee Kimmi Ko, Scott Bryant, and George Peppou)


  • Martin Tomitsch (nominated by Callum Parker and Hamish Henderson)


Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences


  • James Martin (nominated Dongbing Zhang and Yufei He)
  • Rebecca Johinke (nominated by Blythe Worthy and Claudia Brennan)
  • Rebecca Scott Bray (nominated by Laura McDonald and Natalie Maystorovich)
  • John Keane (nominated by Stuart Rollo and Adele Webb)


  • Michael Beggs (nominated by Julian Joseph and Llewellyn Williams-Brooks))
  • Timothy Dwyer (nominated by Weiwei Xu and Wayne Hawkins)
  • Amanda Elliot (nominated by Leanne Stevenson and Rhys Herden)
  • Gerard Goggin (nominated by Wayne Hawkins and Weiwei Xu)
  • Michael Humphrey (nominated by Natalie Maystorovich and Fadi Baghdadi)
  • Anik Waldow (nominated by Elena Gordon and Dominic Dimech)


Education & Social Work


  • Lina Markauskaite (nominated by Natasha Arthars and Jason Low)
  • Janette Bobis (nominated by Katherin Cartwright and Kristen Tripet)


  • Robyn Ewing (nominated by Jonathan Saunders and Olivia Karaolis)
  • Cathy Little (nominated by Olivia Karaolis and Samantha Bernardo)
  • Derek Sankey (nominated by Wendy Lee and Soohyun Baek)


Business School


  • Betina Szkudlarek (nominated by Priya Roy, Eun Lee, Carlos Hernandez, and Duc Cuong)
  • Henry Leung (nominated by Jian Zhai, Mingze Gao, Yang Gao, and Robert James)
  • Neal Arthur (nominated by Maiying Sui and Meishan Mai)
  • Jane Le (nominated by Fannie Couture and Corinna Galliano)


  • Quan Gan (nominated by Zhou Zhou and Bei Chen)
  • Stewart Jones (nominated by Nurul Alam and Iris Jiang)
  • Buhui Qiu (nominated by Shuang Liu and Mingze Gao)
  • Jiri Svec (nominated by He Huang and Anne Dyhrberg)
  • Barney Tan (nominated by Cheuk Hang Au and Anna Zaitsev)
  • Catherine Welch (nominated by Duc Nguyen and John Tull)
  • Gracy Yang (nominated by Liang Wen and Wei Liu)


Conservatorium of Music



  • James Humberstone  (nominated by Jim Coyle and Brad Fuller)


  • Michael Webb (nominated by Qiongzhi Zheng and Lu Liu)


Faculty of Engineering & IT


  • Joseph Lizier (nominated by Conor Finn and Leonardo Novelli)
  • Ali Hadigeh (nominated by Munawar Sarker and Kamal Neupane)


  • Yuan Chen (nominated by Xiao Sui and Ziwen Yuan)
  • Kenneth Chung (nominated by Khine Soe Lin and Faeza Netfa)
  • Judy Kay (nominated by Soojeong Yoo and Callum Parker)
  • Albert Zomaya (nominated by Zhongli Dong and Yucen Nan)


Faculty of Health Sciences



  • Ollie Jay (nominated by Timothy English and Georgia Chaseling)
  • Roger Stancliffe (nominated by Bernadette Curryer and Hasrul Bin Hosshan)
  • Lynda Matthews (nominated by Margaret Black and Mark Ngo)


Faculty of Medicine and Health


  • Angela Webster (nominated by Imogen Thomson and Karen Waller)
  • Justin Richards (nominated by Lewis Keane and Rona Macniven)
  • Chris Jackson (nominated by Ruilong Zhao and Victor Anyanji)
  • Nick Glozier (nominated by Jennifer Taylor and Elizabeth Stratton)
  • Carl Feng (nominated by Nyan Bhattacharyya and Mikaela Coleman)


  • Kim Donaghue (nominated by Vallimayil Velayutham and Anna Pham-Short)
  • Mohammed Eslam (nominated by Ali Bayoumi and Rasha El Sharkawy)
  • Sarah Hilmer (nominated by Trang Tran and Brendan Thompson Ng)
  • Lisa Horvath (nominated by Alison Zhang and Blossom Mak)
  • Daniel Johnstone (nominated by Luke Gordon and Claudia Petrucco)
  • Rodger Laurent (nominated by Anthony Sammel and Sally Preston)
  • Frank Lovicu (nominated by Daisy Shu and Shannon Das)
  • Ben Marais (nominated by Phuong Nguyen and Mai Trinh)
  • Seema Mihrshahi (nominated by Bindi Borg and Mahalakshmi Ekambareshwar)
  • Lenka Munoz (nominated by Ramzi Abbassi and Athena Phoa)
  • Iona Novak (nominated by Michelle Jackman and Bithi Roy)
  • Susanna Park (nominated by Hannah Timmins and Nidhi Garg)
  • Paul Pilowsky (nominated by Seung Jae Kim, Elizabeth Cohen, and Zohra Kakall)
  • Judy Simpson (nominated by Alison Gibberd and Swee-Ling Toh)
  • Rachel Skinner (nominated by Faeza Netfa and Khine Soe Lin)
  • Daniela Traini (nominated by Zara Sheikh and Jesse Xu)
  • Yiwei Wang (nominated by Jonathan Hew and Peter Shi)
  • Stephanie Watson (nominated by Alex Ferdi and Maria Cabrera Aguas)
  • Paul Young (nominated by Jesse Xu and Zara Sheikh)




  • Yun-Hee Jeon (nominated by Michelle Lai and Luisa Krein)


  • Jacqueline Bloomfield (nominated by Jingjing He and Bridget O’Sullivan)
  • Kate White (nominated by Dan Luo and Ahmed Almansour)




  • Andrew McLachlan (nominated by Jeffry Adiwidjaja and Fatima Hameem)
  • Wojciech Chrzanowski (nominated by Kamini Divakarla and Christina Limantoro)
  • Carl Schneider (nominated Ardalan Mirzaei and Jack Collins)


  • Parisa Aslani (nominated by Mohamed Shukry Zawahir and Gam Scrimongkon)
  • Barbara Mintzes (nominated by Alice Bhasale and Lucy Perry)
  • Bandana Saini (nominated by Hadi Almansour and Ibrahim Jomaa)
  • Lorraine Smith (nominated by Melissa Cheung and Daniela Eassey)
  • Pegah Varamini (nominated by Sepideh Sheikh and Jesse Xu)


Faculty of Science


  • Peter Robinson (nominated by Mariya Ferdousi and Farah Deeba)
  • John Connell (nominated by Annie Yuan Cih Wu and Nur Adilah Md Zain)
  • Shelley Wickham (nominated by Minh Tri Luu and Jasleen Kaur Daljit Singh)


  • Ben Colagiuri (nominated by Christoph Werner and Jonathan Davies)
  • Olivier Piguet (nominated by Sherry Chen and Andi Musrah)


School of Life and Environmental Sciences



  • Carolyn Hogg (nominated by Elspeth McLennan and Catherine Farquharson)
  • Tamara Leahy (nominated by Naomi Bernecic and Kelsey Pool)
  • Thomas Newsome (nominated by Lily van Eeden and Emma Spencer)


  • Simon de Graaf (nominated by Kelsey Pool, Taylor Pini, and Nami Bernecic)
  • Feike Dijkstra (nominated by Kazi Mehnaz and Shiva Bakhshandeh)
  • Brent Kaiser (nominated by Irene Adu Aberko, Muhammad Uddin, Die Hu, Zhengyu Wen, Di Wang, and Zainab Rahmat)
  • Joel Mackay (nominated by Mehdi Sharifi and Jason Low)
  • Pauline Ross (nominated by Roberta Pereira, Mitchell Gibbs, Elliot Scanes, and John Wright)
  • Peter Thomson (nominated by Evelyn Todd and Leticia Sng)


Veterinary Sciences


  • Merran Govendir (nominated by Aaron Izes and Soraya Gharibi)
  • Bianca Waud (nominated by Georgina Samaha and Tracey Chew)


About the Awards

The SUPRA Supervisor of the Year Awards aim to promote, recognise and reward excellence in higher degree research supervision at the University of Sydney as nominated and judged by research postgraduates at the University.

The SUPRA Supervisor of the Year Awards are a uniquely student driven award. We honour supervisors of Masters research students, as well as PhD and other doctoral candidates.


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