Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SUPRA?

SUPRA is the postgraduate student organisation at the University of Sydney, run by postgrads for postgrads. SUPRA represents the interests of all postgraduates within the University. All postgraduates at Sydney University are consituents of SUPRA and can look to us for assistance with any issues that may confront them, both academically and personally, during the course of their studies. All SUPRA constituents are entitled to become SUPRA members.


How do I become a SUPRA member?

Joining is easy — simply fill in the details on our website here. You can also pick up a paper memerships form at OWeek, from our offices, or at your enrolment/Faculty induction. SUPRA membership is free of charge.


What are the benefits of being a SUPRA member?

By becoming a SUPRA member you will be able to:

  • Access our free, confidential and professional Student Advice & Advocacy Service.
  • Access free legal advice through our Redfern Legal Centre branch.
  • Participate in SUPRA events and activities.
  • Receive eGrad, our email newsletter.
  • Vote in SUPRA elections and General Meetings.
  • Stand for and hold elected positions on SUPRA Council.
  • Actively participate in your representative student association.


Why do you need my personal details?

Your name, SID and contact details are required in order for us to keep a record of you as an eligible SUPRA member. The other details we ask for on the form are optional; these are used to help us better understand our membership and to tailor the information we send to you.

All information provided is kept only for the purposes of SUPRA and will not be distributed to outside organisations. You can also view our Privacy Statement for more information.


When does my membership expire?

Under the current system your membership will last until you tell us you no longer wish to be a member.


What happens if I choose not to join?

If you choose not to join SUPRA you are still considered a SUPRA constituent. SUPRA constituents receive notice of the General Election (held annually by May 15) and any Supplementary Elections (in the event that one is held). Constituents also receive notice of the Annual General Meeting (called between April 1  and May 15) and any Extraordinary General Meetings (in the event that one is held). The University facilitates circulation of these notices as SUPRA does not hold your contact details unless you become a SUPRA member.

 If you decide you want to participate in these processes at any point during your period of study then you can become a SUPRA member.


More questions?

If you require further information or have any questions please contact or (02) 9351 3715.