Supervisor Of The Year 2017

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2017 Awards Night!

On November 9 at the Courtyard Restaurant we held the second SUPRA Supervisor of the Year (SOTY) awards night to honour the best research supervisors at the University of Sydney for 2017, as nominated and judged by postgrad students.

Over 70 supervisors and students attended the event.

The University’s Director of Graduate Research Associate Professor Ross Coleman was on hand to present certificates to finalists and awards to the winners.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone for your support for outstanding research supervision.


  • Will Figueira
  • Peter Sharp
  • Duanfang Lu
  • Wendy Davis
  • Dries Verstraete
  • Simon Poon
  • Yixiang Gan
  • Luming Shen
  • Dianne Wiley
  • Abbas Elzein
  • Monica Bednarek
  • Chiara O’Reilly
  • William Foley
  • Ross Sanders
  • Christine Chapparo
  • Lynda Matthews
  • Hans Boogaardt
  • Joanne Arciuli
  • Tricia McCabe
  • Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich
  • Margot Rawsthorne
  • Peter Reimann
  • Hui-Zhong Shen
  • Aviva Levina
  • Chinmay Pattnaik


Agriculture (SOLE):

  • Andrew Merchant (nominated by Nirmol Halder & Mohammed Abdul Muktadir & Kathryn Dumschott & Millicent Smith)
  • Catherine Herbert (nominated by Maquel Brandimarti & Holly Cope)

Architecture Design and Planning:

  • Lian Loke (nominated by Claudia Nunez- Pacheco & Karen Cochrane)

Engineering & IT:

  • Gareth Vio (nominated by David Munk & Nicholas Giannelis)
  • Philip de Chazal (nominated by Ben Johnston & Nadi Sadr Lahjany)
  • Fabio Ramos (nominated by Kelvin Hsu & Harrison Tri Tue Nguyen)

Arts & Social Sciences:

  • Ariadne Vromen (nominated by Michael Vaughan & Jenna Price)
  • Brigid Rooney (nominated by Sam Matthews & Timothy Steains)
  • Kristie Miller (nominated by James Norton & Michael Duncan)
  • Rebecca Scott Bray (nominated by Laura McDonald & Natalia Mastorovich)

Health Sciences:

  • Joanne Arciuli
  • Patrick Brennan (nominated by Tong Li & Ziba Gandomkar)
  • Mark McEntee (nominated by Christine Damases & Ernest Ekpo & Mo’ayya d Suleiman & Kriscia Tapia)
  • Joshua Burns (nominated by Marnee McKay & Kayla Cornett)


  • Jesse Jansen (nominated by Tessa Coop & Kristie Weir)
  • Julie Redfern (nominated by Genevieve Coorey & Gemma Enright & Karla Santo & Karice Hyun))
  • Richard Hillman (nominated by Beata Ruminaek & Noah Gebremeskel)


  • Ines Krass (nominated by Andi Hermansyah & Hadi Al Mansour)
  • Lorraine Smith (nominated by Daniella Eassey & Stephen Hughes & Tania Gardner & Melissa Cheung)

Education & Social Work:

  • Helen Proctor (nominated by Meghan Stacey & Aaron Payne)
  • Minkang Kim (nominated by Wendy Lee & Rose Mawati)


  • Stephen Bartlett (nominated by Hakop Pashayan & Sam Roberts)

Vet Science:

  • Paul McGreevy (nominated by Bruce Englefield & Amelia Cornish)
  • Siobhan Mor (nominated by Kelly Simpson & Christine Atherstone & Sandra Steele)


  • Kate White (nominated by Michelle Barakat-Johnson & Jingjing He)

Business School:

  • Ulku Yuksel (nominated by Hosei Hemat & Nguyen (Beo) Thai)
  • Henry Leung (nominated by Yang Gao & Mingze (Adrian) Gao)
  • Shumi Akhtar (nominated by Ye Ye & Zheng Wu)

Special award for outstanding support for student wellbeing:

  • Mark McEntee
  • Lian Loke
  • Richard Hillman
  • Paul McGreevy

About the Awards

The SUPRA Supervisor of the Year Awards aim to promote, recognise and reward excellence in higher degree research supervision at the University of Sydney as nominated and judged by research postgraduates at the University. The SUPRA Supervisor of the Year Awards are a uniquely student driven award. This year we are honouring supervisors of both Masters research students, and PhD and other doctoral candidates. All nominees will be published in a special newsletter to students and staff at the University of Sydney, with the eventual winners presented with their awards at a SUPRA ceremony later in the year.


  • Your research supervisor or co-supervisor supervised you for at least a whole year of your candidature, & you are currently enrolled or was awarded no earlier than in 2016.
  • Nomination for individual supervisor only.
  • Nomination must be seconded by another doctoral student in their second year or higher, and who had the same supervisor.
  • A student may nominate and complete nomination for only one supervisor, but may second a nomination by another student for the same person or a co-supervisor.
  • Previous nominations including winning nominations are eligible for this year’s awards.


Nominees will be assessed on the basis of the information provided on the nomination form and against the following criteria:

  • Positive and constructive relationship with students.
  • Assistance with research and support for research career of students.
  • Knowledge of the field of research

Judging Panel

2017 selection for judging panel is closed. There will be a separate Masters Panel and a PhD Panel, each comprising at least two Masters research students and two PhD students at the University of Sydney and under the coordination of the SUPRA Council. No member from a previous judging panel will be involved in a judging capacity in the 2017 awards, and no member can be involved in assessing a nomination from their faculty. If interested in being on the judging panel for either PhD or Masters, please email Francine Seeto at


2017 submissions are closed. There are 7 sections in total and sections 5, 6 and 7 are about your supervisory experience. You may review your nomination and make changes any time after submission, up until the closing date.

Hint from the judging panel: All nominations write glowingly about their supervisor. Make your nomination stand out by including personal stories or examples that illustrate how your supervisor went beyond their normal duties in supporting your candidature.

  1. Submit nomination online.
  2. All nominations will be acknowledged by email receipt.
  3. Closing date for nominations October 1.

*SUPRA acknowledges the UNSW ARC PGC Supervisor Awards and nomination form and criteria which form the basis of the SUPRA Supervisor of the Year Awards.